‘Composition 1V’ 1911, by Wassily Kandinsky (1866 – 1944) one of many painters who was a part of the vibrant Expressionist movement and who worked in expressionism. This was the use of distortion and exaggeration, and intense colour, for emotional effect. The movement was all about subjective and spontaneous self-expression.


And nature does a fabulous job, it can express too, the pastiche of intense colour, abstract, and emotive, is a natural and living expressionist painting.



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19 responses to “Expressionist

  1. Few days back i was reading about this form of art and couldn’t actually understand much. Now i get it. Thanks. Nice observation.

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  2. Roda

    I love everything about this post!!!

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  3. Love this comparison. And nature’s canvas is ever changing
    and free to the viewer.

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  4. Truly Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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