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Some people worry about Dingoes, and feel it is too risky to be around them. This one came to us at Kathleen Springs. They’re bigger than a Kelpie or a Border Collie, but not by much. Definitely doesn’t have the power jaw of an Alsatian or a Doberman, and tends to saunter rather than run. This was no different to the other Dingoes we encountered. Small, lean, wary, timid but not frightened (too used to human presence nowadays), not aggressive in any way. Certainly not a risk.




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5 responses to “Risky

  1. This one was just the scout, the out-rider – they’re too smart by far, and if you were camping, and had food, they’ll be back. This one also looks like a x-breed with a working dog a few generations back – they’re the smartest; they don’t need to be aggressive, they sneak in and take it quiet as a … dingo.

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  2. I have never seen a dingo. Kinda of cute really. We have the same issues here with coyotes. People blame the coyotes for missing cats and small dogs. Hmmm….common sense might clear that up. lol.

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    • Yes, it’s easy to blame them, and sadly it has led to culling. The real problem we do have is wild dogs. These are feral to Australia, dumped by families, or lost, and which do wreak havoc.


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