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I grew up in semi-rural Nottinghamshire, I loved country rambling, exploring streams and ponds, groves of trees and the farms at the end of our encroaching housing estate. Migrating to Australia, I was hampered by urban living, country trips were rare even though my father loved them.

When I married Lyn we moved to her family home in the shire of Northam, a farming property. I succumbed to the charm of country living immediately, and we ventured far and wide across the wheatbelt. Eventually covering most of the southern half of Western Australia. There are still some roads to go down, but I recently highlighted the roads I have been down and its more than a few, partly because I take the road less travelled (to reference one of my fave poets Robert Frost).

I see the open road, and I’m immediately drawn. I succumb to the urge to go and look, to explore, to ramble on as the song says (Led Zeppelin: ‘Ramble On’). The more I look at this photo the more I want to just set off.



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  1. It’s an inspiring song!

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