Every time I see or hear the word fashion, I go straight to that old hit by the Kinks, “Dedicated Follower of Fashion” where the band poke fun at the culture of which they are a product, art imitating life. The song suggests that what is in fashion is not real, and is in fact unatainable.

Fashion is fickle, here today, gone tomorrow, back around in ten (well, sometimes). The photo shows the main store in Gwalia, a mining town, still inhabited, but the store became a center-piece museum long ago. It was fashionable in its day, claiming to be a one stop shop in four segments, covering every need (and by all accounts it successfully lived up to its claim). Now, the town of Leonora, just up the road has grown around Gwalia and become the main center where people shop. Not only that, the roads south having long been bitumenised made travel quick and easy. More recently online buying has become fashionable for those out in the bush. Somehow I doubt that this delightful family store will come round again in ten or a hundred years. And I wonder too if online buying will be the last fashion, can anything replace lounge room shopping? Local farmers and craft markets are back and they’re a huge hit, they’re fashionable, so who knows?



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