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I’m slower now, age changes everything I’ve discovered. I was a high school athletics competitor, though never a winner. I made the rugby, soccer, hockey and volley-ball teams. I ran in school marathons, and later jogged the beach for 6kms. My feet were always the main problem, being flat footed led to pain, but I always plugged on. When we climbed Bluff Knoll last year I was slower than I’d like, loved it but I was no longer as athletic as I was in my head 🙂 (I always think younger), it was a labour of love to get to the top (and Jon was very patient) I slept well that night.

I admire those who remain involved in athletics in senior years. In fact I have a friend, Stephen, who really enjoys veteran athletics, and he is a good example.



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4 responses to “Athletic

  1. I was just saying to a friend a few days ago the hardest part about getting older is our bodies are true to themselves and our brains are still in our 20’s. And yet, I guess that is’t necessarily a bad thing. It is about finding what does work… have a good evening.

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  2. Once upon a time, when the world was young (and I was, too), I used to do those things – now I dream, and in the dream I am once again the real me who can run and swim and dance and fling.

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