When ‘popular’is a way to hide things in plain sight.




Pop music, or popular music, was at least broad in its appeal and verified by sales, hence the ‘Top 40’ charts which showed that certain songs were indeed popular. When I was at school certain peers were said to be popular, which meant that they were well liked, and attested by the number of friends and positive relationships they had.

The word popular now means more than accepted or well liked.

The ‘popular vote’, ‘popular cause’, ‘popular religion’, or ‘popular culture’, are phrases that are no longer used to describe a thing, process or person which is well liked, but rather to hide the fact that the opposite is true. Philosopher Pierre Bourdieu puts it this way: “The idioms that include the magic epithet “popular” are protected from scrutiny by the fact that all critical analysis of a notion touching closely or distantly on the “people” is subject immediately to…

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  1. I saw the popup, but don’t live in the US, so didn’t sign up. However, I’m all for the cause of government not intervening in the internet, so good luck!

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