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Not what you’d expect on a bush walk, but this isn’t just any bush walk, this is the Northcliffe Sculpture Walk, a trail set in the bush. This piece is a section of stone, beuatifully etched – sandblasted.


Colourful ladders.

This was a community initiated art project, and it asked artists, writers, musicians, to respond to the forrest using their chosen media. It provides two aspects the natural and the created within one gallery. It’s well worth the hour or more, the surprises just keep coming, and it is a refreshing idea.



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Some years ago when we were part of a group that decided to start a community garden, and someone donated these six chickens, which adopted our youngest son as guardian. This was the day they were released into the plot where their home was to be. They were immediately and completely at home, scratching away looking for worms, insects and seeds. They produced loads of eggs which were shared out. This was one of those fun days.


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‘Composition 1V’ 1911, by Wassily Kandinsky (1866 – 1944) one of many painters who was a part of the vibrant Expressionist movement and who worked in expressionism. This was the use of distortion and exaggeration, and intense colour, for emotional effect. The movement was all about subjective and spontaneous self-expression.


And nature does a fabulous job, it can express too, the pastiche of intense colour, abstract, and emotive, is a natural and living expressionist painting.



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Roman Catholic (Franciscan) priest Maximillian Kolbe, born in Poland in 1894, and following taking his final vows in 1918, was ordained a priest, and in the 1930s he served in both China, and then Japan where he helped establish a Franciscan monastry. He returned to Poland in 1936. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland and occupied it. Kolbe refused to sign papers that would have granted him immunity as he was of German origin. He was, as were many Polish people, arrested. He was later released and allowed to return to work at the monastery where he managed large numbers of refugees, hiding and helping relocate many Jewish people, and writing anti-nazi propaganda. Eventually he came to the attention of the Gestapo and was arrested and imprisoned, eventually ending up in Auschwitz. He was regularly beaten and treated appalingly by the camp guards. In this he was no different to many inmates of Auschwitz. Where I think Kolbe defines what it is to be brave is where he one day stood in another person’s shoes.

At some point there was an escape from the camp, and the commandant ordered reprisals from among the prisoners. Ten were to be chosen at random. One young man cried out that he had a wife and children. Kolbe asked to stand in his place, and the commandant accepted his offer. The commandant ordered that the ten prisoners be starved to death in a cell, and as eye witnesses testified later, Kolbe was the last to die, and with dignity and calm.

I don’t know how you stand in the place of death for another, but Kolbe did. I have stood inside his cell at Auschwitz, an eerie place, and felt that a light had shone briefly here, that one person had been a beacon of hope for humanity in the midst of evil. For me Kolbe personifies what it is to be brave. He was powerless, yet he used his gift of life powerfully.




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Some people worry about Dingoes, and feel it is too risky to be around them. This one came to us at Kathleen Springs. They’re bigger than a Kelpie or a Border Collie, but not by much. Definitely doesn’t have the power jaw of an Alsatian or a Doberman, and tends to saunter rather than run. This was no different to the other Dingoes we encountered. Small, lean, wary, timid but not frightened (too used to human presence nowadays), not aggressive in any way. Certainly not a risk.



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I support several local coffee shops and businesses, all of which provide a loyalty card, like, buy nine and get one free. Works well for me as well as for them. I guess I’m loyal for tenth cup, or the tenth treatment, or the tenth product, whatever it is, I’m going the distance. In this I’m simply buying loyalty. My loyalty is predicated on that tenth gain. So what does that say about being loyal? Not much! I’m only as loyal as the promise of the tenth free item or coffee. I’m depending on their honesty, if you like, their loyalty to me. It can’t be one way. And loyalty is only ever between parties, often two, but sometimes more, but never just oneself.

Trouble is, loyalty sounds like the standard behavour of the family dog, a sort of committed fondness come what may, unthinking, based only on the simple gains or loving care in a platonic sort of way. But I seek more. I demand integrity. Loyalty seems more surface, more about transaction. Integrity goes to your very core, it doesn’t seek fidelity because there might be something in the relationship, integrity is about being true to who you really are rather than wearing a mask, or being surface, or being in it for the gain, the promise of the tenth thing free. I like my tenth cofee free, but from you I need more than bait, I need you and all of you.



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The halfway point as we ascend Kasprovy Wierch in the Tatra Mountains, in southern Poland. I hate heights, but I really wanted to experience both the cable car and the mountain, so I did, it was fabulous and well worth the journey up. The view was spectacular and the feeling was one of exhilaration. Passion trumps fear every time.

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