via Daily Prompt: Coincidence

I’m not a great believer in coincidence. I do think it happens in love and momets of liminance. Things might just happen, but I don’t believe that happens very often. If you set out with a certain belief, or put yourself in a certain place or situation, then surely, things will happen? Sadly coincidence has become a legal cop out for companies  or governments that want to avoid legal responsibilities by claiming that negligence or occurrence of a problem is purely coincidental. Cancer is a prime example, oh there’s never a problem, it’s always a coincidence that all the people in that street, suburb, factory, have that cancer, purely random. Or take climate change, it’s all coincidence that there are some changes being identified, but the deniers want us to believe that all is normal, these are normal abnormalities. Generally, things happen because there’s a process, there’s an experience, we engage in an action or activity and there is an outcome or a result. But coincidence seems to be a way to say, there’s no liability here, no responsibility, Mr. Nobody did it. Is it coincidental that our actions in the West impact developing nations, is it coincidental that our chemical and processed food regimes contribute to cancer? Is it coincidental that our industrial processes over three centuries have brought us to environmental crisis? Is it coincidence that filling our water ways with refuse and industrial waste has killed off those water ways? I don’t think so.


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