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In Noongar culture Waugyl (there at least eight variant spellings of Waugyl) is the mighty creator serpent, a rainbow serpent:

You came, Warrgul,
With a flash of fire and a thunder roar, and
As you came, you flung the earth up to the sky,
You formed the mountain ranges and the undulating plains.
You made a home for me
On Kargattup and Karta Koomba,
You made the beeyol beeyol, the wide clear river,
As you travelled onward to the sea.
And as you went into the sunset,
Two rocks you left to mark your passing,
To tell of your returning
And our affinity (the poet, the late Dr. Jack Davis: from his play – Kullark, 1982)

For more on Noongar culture go to:   https://www.noongarculture.org.au/spirituality/

The story in the photo tells of the work of Waugyl creating the Collie and the Preston River systems. The story goes with a sculpture of Waugyl in the town of Donnybrook. It is a wonderful story of creation spirituality. In order to preserve nature, Waugyl must never be disturbed (endangered or angered) otherwise nature will deteriorate and balance will be lost. This is a story for today and our urgent need to act to protect the environment.




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