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Bees sting, and most of us have had that experience at least once. I used to keep bees once upon a time. It was a joyful and peaceful hobby. I never got stung during that time. If you are gentle and careful the bees seemed to know it’s okay. Sadly, the European honey bees are struggling in Australia due to moth infestations, pesticides, the loss of blossom (climate change), and also other natural problems. The other issue is that this honey bee is not native to Australia and is causing some problems. I have personlly witnessed how the bees invade possum hollows and bird hollows. But they also compete for territory where the less agressive native bees surrender and diminish. So the honey bee stings twice, thrice, and it is not nice. Yet we love the honey! Strengths and weaknesses, the good and the bad, that’s life as I know it.



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  1. Roda

    What a beautiful bumble shot!

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