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It’s an Aussie thing. And you either love it or hate it, there’s no middle ground. I find the flavour fabulous, the salty base is great, the tangy bite gets my juices going. Great with fresh cheese or grilled cheese, cheese toasties, you name it. Absolutely great with fresh bread and butter. One of the franchise bakeries has a soft bread bun with cheese and vegemite through it – wonderful stuff. I can eat it by the spoonful! With all this talk of vegemite flavour  I might just have to go and get some now ….




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12 responses to “Flavourful

  1. Best stock base for soup you could imagine; a teaspoon in a cup with hot water – instant soup; egg-foo-yung with a teaspoon drifted through the veg; to get the dog (or cat) to eat those pesky worm pills swipe a little onto it; to get a bad-tempered horse to open its mouth; to make an avo-mash into heaven … I really could go on and on and on and on …

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    • Please do, I’m salivating

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      • Cooked in damper or bread; gooey eggs on vegemite toast (try grilling the bread with the vegemite already on it!), in stews (anything others put wine in); mixed with bbq sauce (and some others); spag sauce; curries. In fact, anything that could do with a bit of flavour (and because I can’t eat pepper, I’ve tried them all – sometimes not good, but mostly edible).

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      • I’m going to be busy for a while – I’ve had it in stews and a number of ways, but not in damper or pre-grilled, or as a sauce mixer. Have you tried chocolate? That’s a wonderful mix too.

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  2. it’s a south african thing too, except we call it Marmite.

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  3. Tough to get in the US, but thankfully I have my supply.

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