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Nature is what it is, but to my eyes it sometimes appears to be or do peculiar things. The tree in the photo is quite old, it is a Cape Lilac tree (Melia azedarach) or chinaberry, syringa, Indian Lilac. This is one of three trees at our old place, it has been heavily trimmed and the new shoots are evident.  We went to have a look at the old house and found this peculiar thing. Amongst the new shoots on the trunk, there was a fig tree shoot. Clearly a seed has taken root in the bark and it is using the Lilac tree as a host or medium. It has quite a stem already. I love peculiar things, and in this case I’ll need to journey back to see if has progressed (or not).

But isn’t this a metaphor for us? Aren’t we surprised by our resilience under duress, our ability at the eleventh hour, our acievements in hindsight, the things that are unexpected, thought not possible? We live a little like the Lilac tree, but in reality we are really the Lilac tree with a fig tree or trees seeding from us, so much potential, possibility, variety, difference, creativity, who knows. But we have to nurture these seeds, otherwise they won’t thrive, and when we look back we will see that we let them die through neglect. We need to nurture the peculiar, the seeds within us.



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  1. Perfect metaphor. Nature teaches us so much, when we listen.

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