Overcome by Rugged Beauty

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Australia has many gorges, and many natural features that astound and take your breath away (if you’re open to it). The Photo is of a gorge near the Tjukurla community the water is part of  the Bungabiddy rockhole. I am always overcome by the rugged beauty, the texture, the smells, the light, the sounds of birds, the colours, the plants, and underpinning it – the quiet. To touch, to see, to feel, to hear, to embody. They’re the very things I like to be overcome with.




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8 responses to “Overcome by Rugged Beauty

  1. The absolute stillness that reaches out from the rock and into your soul; the calm moment of life as it is, the breath that takes in the whole of it all; that is this place to me.
    Australian, born in the arid zones, I love the desert and all its senses, but these gorges (some are so magnificent and overwhelming to the fly-speck that is me) have a completely different way of breathing, of giving you the nod, of sharing time.

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  2. Too right! Still have fond, breathtaking memories of hiking down the Murchison gorges in Yr12 High School. You could say, Oz gorges are just absolute gorgeous … !
    [duckin and runnin]

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  3. Such a beautiful photo and deeply peaceful reflection, Paul.

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