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Macropus fuliginosus or the Wester Grey Kangaroo (also invariably known as the black faced, sooty, or Mallee Kangaroo) inhabits most of the south of Australia from Kangaroo Island through the southern half of Western Australia. It differs from the Eastern Grey, and the Red Kangaroo. The Eastern Grey doesn’t move beyond the border of Western New South Wales (NSW), but the Western Grey goes as far as NSW. Apparently the two Greys do not interbreed, but do coexist well. Greys can breed twice a year, but the much bigger Red kangaroo (found across the middle of Australia and to the north) only breeds once a year. And there are of course Wallabies, tree and rock kangaroos and Quokkas which are small macropods.

Like the platypus, the kangaroo was a mystery to the early explorers like James Cook (1770) and later Matthew Flinders (1802) were at a loss to classify, even describe adequately, this amazing creature. It famously hops to travel, it is a mammal, a herbivore, and the females rear the young from a pouch (or fold of skin where the females nipples are – and to which the developing joey is permanently attached).

The Kangaroo forms part of Australia’s national animal emblem, but kangaroo meat is also served in restaurants.

The photo above was taken a few years ago when I was at Windy Harbour on the south coast, this particular kangaroo was grazing until I stopped the car and got out to take her pic, then she was alert and ready to bolt away. They don’t trust humans and for good reason, we are its only true predator.


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  1. great shot and appreciate your ‘history’ lesson with it 😉

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