Lyn and I went to Poland back in 2013 to see Anna’s parents, Jon and Anna went in December 2012 ahead of us, and we went in January 2013, ah yes European winter! We constantly used the trams and trains.  The trams came in two sizes (as above), large and mini trams, which ran alongside or nearby each other. Mini trams feeding the larger distribution lines. Naturally, in order to work as an integrated system, the trams and trains, and busses, were synchronised. Not only that, they tended to run regularly and on time. They were fun to hop on, and they worked well. Wish we had such a system here, it would help neutralise the car dependency Australians have, which is partly due to inadequate public transport in the very first place.


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4 responses to “Synchronize

  1. The mini one looks rather cute

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  2. you said it … inefficient public transport and I should know, I have to use it 😦

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