The Wonder of Whales

While on our road trip we took time out on the Nullabor to go to the whale watch centre. It was well worth the effort. The centre is owned by the local indigenous community who  have utilised funding to make the boardwalks, viewing decks and facilities. There is a research centre nearby, sadly not open to the public.

The video below is of one of nine mothers with calves, this one has a white calf (which is not unusual) which will probably darken as it matures.

I find whales fascinating, Lyn named it when she said mystical, that connected for me. They communicate in a variety of ways, especially that high frequency sound they make, they play, they clearly nurture their young, there’s a warmth and an unknown. In a way research is important and helps us to understand nature that we might better care for our fellow travellers, but something in me wants them to remain mystical.


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6 responses to “The Wonder of Whales

  1. you’ve touched a spot in my heart .. have been a whale watcher for many years and when my nephew was young I gave him a recording of them with the threat that I would test him on my next visit. My sister had so many trips under the house searching for that cat .. she didn’t realise it was whale calls that he was memorising 🙂
    they are magical, majestic, curious, gentle, intelligent, elegant and so much more 🙂

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