We set out on a journey one spring day. We unfurled the tarp to reveal a labyrinth, a journey of reflection, meditation, prayer, confrontation, consolation, nothing binary, just life in the mix. Solitude in community as we walked together. For some there was ease, others had to wrestle, for some there was resolution, for others a waiting, but in the silence something was spoken. A walk of life as it is, living what is inside on the outside. The journey to the center, the going in and the coming out by the very same path, but leaving something in that center, without judging. The rhythm of the walk the turns, the straights, the pauses, all spoke in their own way through our bodies.

The tarp was unfurled – but then so were we, our souls unfolded and set free in the moment.



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8 responses to “Unfurl

  1. This looks really interesting, I’ve never seen an activity like this before.

    Kathrin — http://mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com

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  2. I read this twice. I want to comment, and yet, find somethings are be left reflective. Very nice. thank you.

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  3. very well written Paul, like the flow 🙂

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