Days on the Road 17

We left Nuytsland Conservation Park and some of the first visible kangaroos since leaving Menzies, and passed through Cocklebiddy, and then stopped at Caiguna for fuel, at another time we'd love to stay and look around, each place has some natural site worth seeing. Lyn noticed some Australian Bustards in the low scrub, so we pulled up and tried to take a photo, but they are incredibly shy birds and flew off immediately.

This the only shot that came out, the Bustard in flight (there were 14 in all).

Later we stopped at the front gate of Virginia Station where our old friends Russell and Judy Swann hold the pastoral lease. Then we pressed on, stopping for a quick lunch at a rest stop – Afghan Rocks. We passed Balladonia Station, and went on to Balladonia Roadhouse (which has a small museum, including fragments and pieces of Skylab) for fuel. We then headed to Norseman- the landscape ever changing. This is now old and familiar territory for me. We decided to cut some slack and have a night at the Great Western motel, get a good shower, do some washing and power up all the devices. Have done all of that and enjoyed a great meal too. Nice place to stay.

The courtyard at the motel replete with the pink and greys.


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  1. the name places are delightful and those stupid galahs …

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