Days on the Road 16

Above is the preserved old Roadhouse as it was up to the 60s with gravel roads and basic cars, no aircon, and unreliable mechanical functioning in the main. Those were the days.

We left Nullarbor Roadhouse and backtracked 19 kms to the Whale-watch site. This is owned and managed by a local indigenous community, and it is exceptional. I took some movie footage but I can't download that till I get home. There were some breathtaking cliff views and wonderful coastline at the head of the Bight, and 9 whales with calves, 2 white calves, all playing, surging, diving, spouting and making their incredible sounds. All in all, a special experience of these wonderful creatures.

The Nullarbor is a special biosphere, though not for driving per se, given that it is not visually exciting. At the Nullarbor Roadhouse we noticed the Murdoch University caravan, and its logo proclaiming ocean research, so we assumed they were Phd students engaged with the whale research centre.

We left the Nullarbor and passed through the quarantine checkpoint at Border Village, which these days seems redundant, but somehow about ancient rights. I worked in agriculture and horticulture and you learn that none of the old fears of the 1800s are even relevant, let alone that we import from New Zealand, Fiji, Israel, the EEC and so on with the same risks. If you buy bananas in W.A. that come from Queensland that's okay, but if you buy bananas from Queensland from a supermarket in the N.T. or in S.A. you can't take them over, etc. Given the amount of chemical and the post 1830s genetical construction, it really is a bit of a joke.

We passed the border at Eucla, and went round the town for old times sake and then moved on through Mundrabilla and Madura Pass, fuelled at the Roadhouse in Madura which was tempting for a nights camp, but instead we moved on to a bush camp near to the turn off for the Eyre Telegraph Station/Bird Sanctuary. All part of the Nuytsland Conservation Park. So quiet and peaceful.

Sunset as we prepare dinner.

And daylight as we prepare to leave.


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  1. ah whales, magical majestic creatures, what a blessing 🙂

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