Days on the Road 15

We left Kimba after an obligatory tour of the town, much needed shopping and some bolts. We went to a gem and stone shop, and saw the 'Big Galah before heading on westward.

Morning tea beckoned and instead of doing our own we stopped in a Wudinna and they had a wonderful coffee shop with alternative foods and a a great attitude to recyclable coffee cups. We always take our "keep cups" but they also had biodegradable cups which was great to see. We saw the granite statue which was a tribute to the men and women farmers of Australia:

After Wudinna we passed through some smaller centres and then back to the wonderful flora before needing to stop for fuel at Ceduna:

With the exception of the inlet at Port Augusta, this was the first glimpse of ocean we'd had since Bunbury on July 22. It was windy, but you expect that in the Bight. Town is friendly and it is substantial, quite a number of businesses and an urban sprawl. We didn't stay long as we didn't want to be in suburbia too long.

We headed off through more wonderful bush land, ever changing as we moved through one biosphere to another. Then came the wombat mounds, saw a dead one on the side of the road, but even as the day drew to a close we saw no activity of wombats.

We arrived safely at the Nullarbor Roadhouse and decided to camp there as we wanted to go whale watching in the morning, and which was down the road. It wasn't our preference, the place is pretty good as roadhouses and caravan parks go, but we wanted more solitude.

This photo shows the old service station, an era of gravel road, open camping, no real facilities.


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  1. Thanks for helping me to re-live our trip across Australia a few years back.

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