Days on the Road 14

We departed Glendambo after breakfast, stopping to view Lake Hart a vast salt lake, and taking a short walk to get the better view:

On the road again we passed through Some beautiful country, skirting the edge of Woomera and its supply community, the dropping dramatically down the range to the valley and the last leg of the Stuart Highway as we came into Port Augusta. We stopped at a visitor center which was fantastic – the Desert botanical Gardens, which just happened to have a restaurant and which actually served food with bush flavours. I also indulged in a wild lime ice cream but I could have had a Quandong one instead. The Gardens are a feature of South Australian desert flora, and it is also a place of research and has a small nursery. Incidental to the flora was the bird life evident throughout the park.

A view of the Flinders Ranges from a lookout at the Botanical Gardens.

We dipped into the edge of Port Augusta for fuel and shopping. Got to see the old railway yards, and a wooden hulled fishing boat that had seen better days. We pushed on through Iron Knob to a fabulous little town called Kimba and stayed at a local campground which was well set up for travellers of all types. Kimba was a surprise after so long on the road and seeing so much of our beautiful deserts and bush, we suddenly came into agricultural land again. We met a old local who stopped by for a yarn and who regaled us with some snippets of his life and the life of Kimba. Kimba has been hoping for rain as some of the crops are struggling. But the community was buoyant, hopeful, it was a great place to stay and visit.


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  1. what a magical trip .. Flinders Rangers brings back fond memories as I did most of my caving there 🙂

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