Days on the Road 13

We left Geoff and Su in Alice and headed south. We diverted for a 30 kms round trip to see the meteorites at the Henley Meteorite range. Amazing, photos don't manage to capture the size or impact. We're glad we visited and learned.

Then we headed for the border and South Australia:

We stopped at Marley for fuel and then further down the highway to the campground at Cadney for the night. The community there were friendly and let us know a few tips like drinking water bowser at the Coober Pedy Visitors Center. had an absolutely fabulous coffee at the Cafe and Gem place. We toured the town, and a gem shop (we didn't buy).

One of the many opal mines, mostly small family and small business operations.

Above is the altar at the Catacomb Anglican Church in Coober Pedy, a fabulous place to visit.

Then we headed off again, arriving at Glendambo for fuel, the moving further south to the Glendambo South bush camp. This was a great choice, quiet, peaceful, and the birdsong was fabulous at dusk.


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  1. those dug outs are truly amazing 🙂

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