Days on the Road 11

Redbank Gorge is part of the West McDonnells. Above the Gorge is a typical Aussie bush camp. But we were spoiled this time with a drop toilet and a gas BBQ. It simplified out routine no end. We met a French duo travelling round Australia, Jessica and Simon and Geoff loaned them a torch as they had arrived in camp late.

In the morning we spent some time with Jessica and Simon before packing up and heading down to walk the Gorge. The advisory board said it was 20 mins. It was more like 90 mins. There was a fair bit of rock scrambling, which is not my favourite activity, but it was worth it to experience the Gorge.

A better shot of the water hole in the gorge and the heron.

After we trudged back to the cars we set off once again along Namatjira Drive. We went to Ellery Creek and the Gorge there was also beautiful, with fish, and many birds, photos by Lyn.

We had lunch here at a small cafe, then set off again to get to Alice Springs.

Part of our plan was to have no definitive plan as that can be a millstone. But we rolled into Alice on the eve of a long weekend which included a number of attractions for Picnic Day as it is called. So there were few bookings available. We went to one where the owner was lovely and helpful, but which the caravan park was, as the forums politely put it, rustic. I privately named it Camp Desperation, but that belies the fact that it really was okay and, well, first world problems.

Geoff struck a problem with the Nissan, which turned out to be the air filter choked with red dust, and so, simply fixed.

Lyn worked on finding a motel for two nights so we could rest up and catch up on laundry, and we found rooms at the Swagman's Rest, which was ideally near the center of town. This enabled us to spend Friday shopping and browsing downtown Alice. We were once again captivated by the indigenous art works across town, such a vast array, wonderful to see.


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  1. magical photos and great trip Paul 🙂

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