Days on the Road 8

Sunday we had a lay day to do washing, shopping and resting. Time to personally refuel.

Monday we were up early to get on a tour bus to see the Field of lights by artist Bruce Munro:

Photo is not mine, it comes from the Resort Promotion uncredited. The installation is optic fibre which changes colour. It is several tons of material, and quite stunning to see. But while I loved it and love art I'm ambivalent about its significance to Yulara.

Later we did a wonderful private tour of Uluru with John from Seit Tours which was so much better than the one we did three years ago and we got to explore much more of the surrounds of the rock base. No we didn't climb the rock, out of respect for the indigenous request not to intrude on this culturally significant place. My personal view is that the Federal Govt. should ban climbing of the rock. The place moved us too, and we found it deeply spiritual.

The sun going down on Uluru, and time to head back to the campground once again.

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