Days on the Road 7

We left Docker River and set off for Lasseter's Cave:

Lasseter was an amateur gold seeker who claimed he'd found a massive gold reef somewhere off the Peterman Ranges. He fell out with his team in 1930 who had set out to find this reef of gold. But those with him accused Lasseter of being a charlatan and a fraud. He set out on his own with two camels and supplies. The camels bolted one afternoon leaving him with little food or water. This cave on the Hull River, was Lasseter's last home before he set off in hope off finding a rescue party, he died some distance from this cave where he had been tended by the indigenous people he'd encountered.

We then set off for Yulara and the midway goal of our trip, to get to Kata Tjuta and Uluru. We made camp quite late after some preliminary sight seeing:

Kata Tjuta (formerly the Olgas) are an amazing rock formation and worth the walk we did to the water hole. We found it a very moving experience to be in what feels like a hallowed place. We went to the campground and settled in.

The Yulara Resort is a mini town just off the national park, but it is a monopoly and way overpriced. We could have gone to a little known campsite near-by but chose the resort campground as we needed laundry done. Motel prices started at $400.00 and spiralled to $800.00 plus, we were glad to have the campground at $55.00. We went up to the Kitchen and bar and had beer and pizza, our first non-camp meal since Merredin.


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6 responses to “Days on the Road 7

  1. Lassiters reef is still to be located its just not where he stated but somewhere in the area . He hid its location ….

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  2. great photos Paul, what an amazing trip thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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