Days on the Road 6

We camped overnight at Warakurna campground. We met some fellow travellers from all over Australia. There were some 4×4 devotees who came in late, people interest me, they were out in the sticks, the wildlife was fabulous the night sky glorious, but they put on a ghetto blaster and deafened the campground for a few hours ( as well as boasting loudly about having a coffee machine on board – yawn), why come out here to replicate urban life and miss the present moment? The next morning we broke camp early to get up the road to the Giles Weather Station to watch the weather balloon release, and to check out their museum.

Then we headed eastwards to the boarder, the road wasn't too bad for a while:

We turned off onto a side road for about 26 kms to visit the Bungabiddy Rockhole. The track was a typical red sand road, and we found ourselves in a beautiful bush setting with a short rock climb down into the rock pool. Stunning sight for all and such a slice of Aussie bush well worth a visit.

Then we set off a across the border to the indigenous community of Docker River, and a bush camp. Out of respect for the indigenous we took no photos of the town, but we met some lovely people. And we met a few more fellow travellers at the bush camp. We had two dingoes visit us while having dinner.

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