Days on the Road 4


Drinks as the sun set over the beautiful vista of Giles breakaway. Big country, big sky.


Then the sunrise before breakfast and departing eastward once again.


Tjukayirla Roadhouse, we had lunch and managed to get diesel too. We had been warned at the previous stop yesterday (Laverton) that the Tjukayirla pump was out. It was and it wasn’t – the attendant came out and took the front off the pump and gave the motor arm a swift kick and fuel started flowing. Not that it mattered as I have spare diesel on board (about 60 ltrs) but it was less hassle to pump it.

The indigenous name for the Roadhouse – Tjukayirla is, I’m told by the locals, pronounced Chewka-yurla. The locals just shorten it to the “Chookie” Roadhouse.



After the Chookie Roadhouse, we stopped for a break in the long bone jarring run on the Great Central Road to look at the Desert Surf Breakaway and found this fellow, a small monitor or Bungarra. It was worth the stop with various other flora and fauna to occupy us. Tonight we made it into Warburton Roadhouse and we’re staying at the campground.






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2 responses to “Days on the Road 4

  1. great trip and photos, love those monitors .. got quite a few ticks creeping up to see a family of them once 🙂

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