Daily Prompt: Edible

via Daily Prompt: Edible

2014-07-24 08.38.22

I’m a train buff and back in 2014 we’d saved up and decided to indulge in a trip on the Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin. I’m fairly sure that the food provided was from all over Australia, and some from overseas too, and none was said to be organic or specifically local. However, that aside, it was more than edible, it was scrumptious, and I  put weight on as a result. I’ve discovered that there’s a side effect to everything one enjoys 🙂  But the indulgence was worth it, we really enjoyed the food, the people, the train experience, and all the places along the route. One of life’s learning experiences.




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6 responses to “Daily Prompt: Edible

  1. Trains & food – the best of both worlds combined!

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  2. The Ghan is still on my bucket list, glad to hear it’s as good as I imagined 🙂

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