Daily Prompt: Caper

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No I didn’t. This was not my caper. Gloucester Tree in Pemberton is well known. The construction at the top is a lookout, which is similar to what the Forrestry dept. used in the past for fire spotting. The metal rods inserted into the tree form a ladder from the ground to the top. These rods move when weight is placed on them, and I don’t particularly like heights, and especially when the ladder has moving parts. The ladder of rods have a light wire running down the outside that connects them all, but this has little substance or safety about it. and there is no safety cage. So you need to be a confident or happy climber to give it a go.

People do climb. When my sister was in Year 7 they went on a school camp to Pemberton and she did the climb, but nearly fell (and nearly dropped my camera which she had borrowed). On this visit, one of several over the years, I did not climb. My caper was the walk in the forrest.



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  1. ah see I would have to climb it just because it’s there and I’m sure the view from the top must be absolutely stunning … someone went to a lot of trouble to haul that timber up there and make it, what a feat … I’d be up for the caper 🙂

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