via Daily Prompt: Commit

When we see the word commit we might think of marriage and the expectation of fidelity, that when you make your vows you will keep them. Or if you commit to a process, like joining a club, committee, or working group, that you will follow through. What about nations?  Australia was a proud signatory to the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights, including Article 14 on Refugees. In 1951 Article 14 was expanded into a full convention in its own right in 1954 .This was ammended to accomodate the changes since WW2 with the 1967 Protocol. We signed, but since 1996 we have turned our backs not only on the Convention and Protocol, we have failed in our commitment to the vulnerable. We don’t have a refugee crisis, we have a moral crisis. We have not kept our promise. We said we would commit but instead we turned away.



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  1. great twist on how we have failed to keep our commitment, well put!

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