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The path, the innocent path tapers off into the distance. It begins the 6 km return trail walk up Bluff Knoll. Not big by easternAustralian, or by foreign standards, with a rise to 1099m, but with a 650m gain, so quite challenging in that though it is short it is steep. It’s prominence is 854m (clear rise from lowest contour) and its isolation is 1225.5km with the next comparable peak of that size in the north west of the state.

It was late April 2015, it was warm at the base and I did get a light sun burn on my neck, it was raining half way up, and at the top it was cold and cloud had covered the peak, an amazing weather experience let alone physical challenge for me. Jon, one of my sons, who walked with me was very patient. We managed it well within the 3.5 hours return. The views were fabulous, the flora and fauna, as always, a key interest for me. The summit was worth it.

The innocent path tapers off and belies the rugged trail upwards



This is why its challenging, that smooth path of 120m or so turns to this. Still it was well worth it.




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  1. is that tapering or delusion? sucked in … glad it was worth it 🙂

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