Tender brings back memories, Elvis, Jackson Browne, Blur, all had songs about Tender. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s last book was Tender is the Night. Personally I love Blur’s  ‘Tender is the Night’ and its understated moody anxiety.


But I’m a train nut, and Tender is about steam trains. In the above photo, the tender is the part attached to the locomotive behind the cab and before the coaches, it was designed to carry coal on top and the lower part was a tank for water. This enabled locos to travel long distances without stopping and thus enabling better economy for rail companies and better value for the public. Although I am opposed to coal mining, I still feel nostalgic for steam trains.




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  1. Hi Paul would you do an interview for me on Meet the Bloggers? You just follow my format from the first post on the site … let me know if you need a link?

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