via Daily Prompt: Detonate

Detonation runs in the family. My father had a short fuse and he would regularly explode, which was ironic because his training in the early 1950s was as a Shotfirer in a coal mine. Doubly explosive. Dad knew the various combustible elements, liquid and solid. He had used Kero lamps and heaters for years. So, when he filled a kero heater tank with petrol, as a child I never thought about it. We were all outside, and my aunt arrived for her weekly visit. She smelt the petrol and flew into action and threw sand on the heater and saved the day. I was confused as to why this had happened. I know its only speculation, but I now suspect he was trying to burn the house down, because there’s no way he could not know the consequences.

Doubly explosive, just like two white dwarf planets drawing together and becoming a supernova, kapow!



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