Impression [not much]

via Daily Prompt: Impression


That line from the song by Shania Twain , which often comes up in our house, “That don’t impres me much” comes to mind. I’m not easily impressed.

Yet nature leaves a deep impression on me. As my son Hayden is wont to say, nature is a (his) cathedral. There is a sense of the divine in what lives and breathes, in what is solid, or in what moves, in majestic forests and expanses of water, earth that is wet or dry (the smell, ah, the smell), in the power of storms, and yet just a drop of water on a petal can move me too. I feel at home at a party, but I am more myself in the bush. I can be present and mindful anywhere, yet I feel free in the bush.

Nature doesn’t war, it isn’t jealous, deceitful, or hateful. Nature is, even in death, life giving.

Nature leaves a deep impression on me.


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2 responses to “Impression [not much]

  1. agree totally and it’s interesting that I nearly posted a photo of the beach with my post but didn’t .. maybe I will add it

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