via Daily Prompt: Catapult

I wonder if you’ve ever been thrust into something, a role, a responsibility, the limelight? Catapult means to be put out, forward, downwards, as if against one’s will. Some of you will resonate with that. So, you will get comments like, “He was catapulted out of Sydney at 20 …” ( a line referring to the artist Brett Whiteley’s journey to fame as a very young artist.

To catapult also means to take aim, and to fling an object forward. With the medieval siege catapults (trebuchet) it wasn’t so much a fine art as the quantity of rock you flung at your enemy. Whiteley had no control over his fame, he took aim and lived with what eventuated, and it was a rough ride indeed. His life was his work and he threw everything at it and fame came unplanned, though certainly not unwelcome.

Author Thomas Moore in his wonderful book “A Life at Work”, speaks of how we die inside when fail to honour our creative passions, our deep sense of calling, and the things that draw us to a particular way or activity.

Sometimes you just have to take aim, and allow yourself to be flung in a direction and see what eventuates, without worrying.


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5 responses to “Catapulted

  1. Traipsing around two castles of Latvia today, I seen a few catapults, but I’ve managed to keep my feet on the ground. 🙂

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  2. nice take on it, especially that last sentence

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