Adrift [on land]

via Daily Prompt: Adrift


I happily come adrift when I’m bush walking. To change the context of that song by Otis Redding (Sittin’ on the) Dock of the Bay, the line “watching the tide roll away” changes for me to watching the stress roll away, and anything else that clogs the mind. I love the smell of the earth, wet or dry, the eucalyptus leaves, blossom in spring, the resin oozing from the Red Gums, the sound of Fantails, Honey Eaters, Wagtails, Magpies, Rufus Whistlers; the sight of butterflies, the trails of ants, water flowing in the creeks. Rain or shine it is a wonderful space to be in. And that’s it for me, to just Be. I can happily come adrift from all that normally holds and binds, and for a time, let go.


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  1. scenically painted, letting go is so essential … nice

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