via Daily Prompt: Unmoored

On the one hand that feeling of being set free or turned loose, while on the other, that feeling of being adrift. It covers all sorts of experiences from actual boating, to spiritual and psychological feelings.

People in transition from one vocation to another, or to retirement speak of transitional depression. I think we’ve all heard the term “all at sea” that feeling as if one is lost in a vast ocean, that one’s moorings are gone. I have heard people describe their mental state as if they were unmoored, not grounded (Bi-polar, dissociative).

As a spiritual guide I have personally encountered the feeling of being unmoored. What the mystics call a dark night of the soul – that sense of leaving a set of religious values but not having anything immediately to turn to. For some it might be leaving a childhood view or image of God, putting aside a tradition, or set of rituals. It is a potent experience, and one that eventually resolves.

Grief is another unmooring, the wrench of loss, change without choice, has sometimes left me feeling unmoored.




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  1. wow you’ve said that so well there is no need for me to write on this one! 🙂

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