Descending [Alison Hargreaves]

via Daily Prompt: Descend

I go to mountaineering in my mind. As a child I enjoyed reading a book on Edmund Hilary’s ascent of Everest, and I was hooked, I loved reading about mountaineering. In my teens I kept up with the exploits of various climb events around the world. Names like Mallory, Hilary, Norgay, Bonnington, Messner, Breashears, Tabei …

The saddest read was the death of Alison Hargreaves. Hargreaves achieved a number of climbing firsts in her career. Her biggest challenge, which was to be her final, was to climb the three big ones in 1995: Mount Everest, K2, and Kangchenjunga unaided. Hargreaves became a sensation when on the 13 May, 1995, she succeeded in climbing Everest unaided (no sherpas or bottled oxygen).

Sadly, on August 13, 1995, she died while descending from the summit of  K2.

I can never find the quote, but I read somewhere that descending is much tougher than ascending in mountaineering.

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