Farce … [name]

via Daily Prompt: Farce

I always love farce. From Canterbury Tales, to  Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, to Carry On, I Love Lucy or Mr. Bean, exaggerated comedy is fun.

Lately I’ve seen a new genre, the farce of politics. While it is sometimes pure comedy, and exaggerated, the pathos of politics is far from humour, but rather a farce of disgust, sadness, and anger, not unlike Chaucer’s works, which elicit more than just laughter.

The lack of integrity, the brassy self interest, exposed corruption, the swagger of ego, self preservation, not a positive experience. I yearn for integrity, compassion, generosity, positive vision, equality, freedom, ecological responsibility (now you’re smiling). They’re the values I hold closely. I love constructed farce as only Mr Bean can deliver, but I do not want intentional farce as politics. I desire better, we deserve better, especially when our legislators are pompously busy telling us to work harder, pay more, receive less, love suspicion, turn to racism, and put up with misery. Nope, sorry, not my play. If I’d wanted farce in parliament I’d have voted for it.


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