via Daily Prompt: Precipice


Back in 2014 we went to the red center and one of the treats was to spend some time at Kings Canyon, a raw and beautiful place. The canyon is breathtaking.  The signs ask you to stay away from the edge, the drop is over 100 m. But it was a precipice I stood on. Not unlike the others, the daunting task of exams, retraining, submitting that first piece of art. The breathtaking moment of going out with the One, and later getting married. The excitement of the birth of our children. Standing up in public for justice. All different, all exciting in their own way, some positive some not. And the sense of precipice, the awe remains.


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5 responses to “Precipice

  1. Standing up in public for justice.” …. awe …… some…

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  2. The need for us to stand up in pubic for justice is greater than ever.

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  3. delightful, well done

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