via Daily Prompt: Maze

A maze is a wonderful thing, it is a puzzle to be solved. There is a way in and a way through to the way out. I have always enjoyed the challenge. In my early years I discovered a child’s joy of running through. Later I discovered that there were complex puzzle mazes, left and right walking mazes, and mathematical puzzle maze and more.

Even more than a maze, I love a labyrinth. A labyrinth is not a puzzle to be solved but a rhythmical journey, a meditative walk, a prayer walk if you desire. It has one way in and the way out is to retrace your steps. The circular walk reverts back on itself with turns that send you in the other direction until, after a time you reach the centre, a place to centre or reframe, to make an offering, to be quiet, to meditate. From the centre you begin the rhythmical walk back to the exit (which was the entrance). I find that it is the rhythm of the turns that does it for me, an don matter how I pace myself, I reach the centre and the exit too soon.

I sometimes carry a rock or a leaf, whatever is to hand as a symbol of something to leave behind at the centre. And for me it is a place, an action, a meditation of deep peace.

A Maze and a labyrinth have different purposes and energies.

I have fun in a maze, but I really have peace in labyrinth.

I guess a labyrinth is a-maze-ing!



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2 responses to “Maze

  1. ha ha ha nice comparison and play on words at the end Paul … anything tool to improve our meditation is essential

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