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All the religious greats, but in particular Jesus and Buddha, comment on our temporary state. We humans are, earthly speaking, mortal, thus temporary. But even if you’re an atheist, you can’t argue with temporary.

Temporary shares its root with Temporal. Both words indicate a limited time frame. Temporal is about an absence or spirituality, it is a focus on things other than the spiritual, often referred to as a focus on the world, which we thus call temporal.

Temporality and temporary are worth considering in terms of detachment, if earthly life is temporary, what is the best way for us to navigate the life we have? Sadly for many of us, we become so attached to worry or anxiety about our lives and miss opportunities. If life is temporary, have a go, mistakes just don’t matter.

The difficulty though is that for some, especially those on the extreme ends of religion and politics, temporary is not about attachment so much as devaluing. The environment, people, relationships, race and culture are abused by a consumer/control mentality. If we’re temporary lets make the best of it, not the worst. Let’s detach from what ails, to work together for what enables. I believe if we do that we make a legacy that is not temporary as it passes on to others.



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5 responses to “Temporary

  1. Stephen Crabbe

    Another good one. We should be as alive as we can be. Be present to what is. Accept life in abundance.
    Paul, I like these frequent shorter pieces you’re posting.

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  2. Alicia

    “Temporary shares its root with temporal.” Wow, what a stunning insight of the highest order.

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  3. very wise words again, thanks!

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