via Daily Prompt: Bitter

I never did like sweet beer, nor wine for that matter, I prefer sharp reds, and my beer is always bitter. I choose.

And life is not unlike that. I choose to be bitter or sweet. I have had several conversations with people who still say “You make me mad.” Sorry, what? I made you what? No I didn’t. Your anger is your response to my behaviour, but I didn’t make you angry. And its the same with being bitter. Bitterness is my response to myself in many ways. Why do I say that? Simply because there are other options, conversation is just one of many starting points, reconciliation too. There are restorative actions that we can take. But if I live out of bitterness it, or the resulting actions, will eventually consume me, and the bitterness I feel with become me. Bitterness needs to be acknowledged, but not held.



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2 responses to “Bitter

  1. Yep, nobody makes me mad. If I’m mad, it’s my reaction to what’s happening around me. I try to avoid bitter except in drinks.

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