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The Northern Irish group D-Ream put out a song in 1994 entitled “Things Can Only Get Better.” I concur. Life can pose many serious hurdles and people can at times be unpleasant, but in the main we rise from our depths, from our pain, from our pathologies, and we embrace new ways and opportunities. things indeed do get better, at least for a season, till we are challenged once again.

Writer, philosopher, trans-psychologist, Ken Wilber in dealing with his wife Terry’s terminal cancer (see his book ‘Grace and Grit) faced this very issue. He doesn’t diminish the pain or resort to denial, but throughout the time he nursed her begging in 1984 and following her death in 1987, he was able to embrace life in the midst of grief. In a similar way faith and doubt go together.

Better and its antonyms coexist, but things do get better, or, do get the better of worse.




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  1. Yes and this is important for us all to remember that things do get better, especially those afflicted by depression … they do come out the other end.

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