via Daily Prompt: Apprentice

Apprehendere, Latin for apprehend obviously, is the root or origin of apprenticeship. It simply morphed from Latin, via Old French to Middle English. I guess we could say that “apprentice” has been value added as it has ceased to mean apprehend in a narrow sense. Now it means intentional learning, to become a “journeyman” or woman, to grow into a master craftsman worthy of your guild. I wonder how many people in their trades today apprehend? I sure hope my plumber does!


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2 responses to “Apprehendere

  1. lol maybe i need to be more careful how I word my posts … I would like to become a master poet/photographer/writer; and i would like my editing to earn … but much of it is also tongue in cheek. Many tradesmen are mavericks so be careful about your plumber!

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