That Smell!

via Daily Prompt: Perfume

I once read that if you change a recipe by one proportion of one ingredient, you have thereby changed the recipe’s integrity and thereby made it your own. The possibilities are endless. which leads me to a small rant on perfume. I have always been amused by the plethora of perfumes in department store foyers. There are the one’s I know about like Chanel, Dior, Ralph Lauren. The newcomers like Opium, Gucci, Boss and others, all stong players.  And not forgetting the popular supermarket lot, who remembers Charlie? And of course there are men’s and women’s perfumes.

But everyone is doing it. Every celebrity has a perfume, David and Victoria Beckam, Beyonce, Pink, Russell Crowe … 1,300 celebrity perfumes was the last count. that’s a lot of minor variation on parfum and fragrance. It’s like, if you’ve done a show or put out a CD there must be a smell for you to market.

Its all alcohol, fixatives, solvents and frgrances. Is it just me, or is it really just mindless marketing?


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5 responses to “That Smell!

  1. purely commercialism but people must buy these tacky products …

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