Fade to …

via Daily Prompt: Gray

So what will it be, anatomy, tea, or pallor? My primary school uniform was grey shorts and shirt where I attended. Warships coming into Fremantle port were of course grey. Meh.

For me its music. Grey or Gray, holds particular memories. The release in 2011 of Grey October Day by Judy Dyble and Tim Bowness, released in 2011 was a reminder of an era past and the work of a singer long hidden.  The song is moody, haunting,  and speaks of a lost love. But the real connection for me is Fairport Convention and Judy Dyble. She was with Fairport Convention between 1967 and 1968, but was unceremoniously replaced with Sandy Denny in late 68. Denny was a sensation and she overshadowed her predecessor Dyble. Dyble became lost to the public eye after a few years as she immersed herself in her work as a librarian.

Sadly Dyble’s music career faded (not withstanding her work with the forerunner to King Crimson – Giles, Giles and Fripp), though with some forays into the music scene over the decades until she started recording solo in earnest in 2004,  finally receiving acknowledgement for her writing and music. To borrow a saying and the title of the 1980 song by Visage, Dyble faded to grey, but not quite, finding her own way forward and continuing to do so.

Fairport Convention were, along with Denny, Steeleye Span and others, major players in resurrecting folk music in Britain, no small achievement in the heady days of rock n roll. And Dyble has been an important part of that achievement.



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