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Neo-nazis, white-supremacists, islamophobic groups active in Australia via the Internet.

Here is a list of active Australian groups that are typically behind racist and supremacist posts, especially anti-muslim, on Facebook and other forms of communication. I am indebted to the original work of the Antifascist ANTIFA Australia Blog.

Q-Society of Australia
An Islamophobic group founded in 2010, it is associated with the U.S. Anti-Islamic activist Robert Spencer, and the discredited Christian extremist Jack Chick. Noted for propaganda and fear campaigns.

Australian Defence League
Another Islamophobic group founded in 2010 by Martin Brennan and fashioned on the English Defence League, associated with the Australian Protectionist Party and the Australian Patriots Defence Movement. Noted for propaganda and harassment.

Hellas Fan Club
Greek based support. Active at sports events, notably agitated for racial violence at the Australian Open 2008, 2009.

Croatian Social Club
Associated with fascist and Ustase supporters. Noted for harassment and hooliganism.

Nationalist Alternative
A youth oriented group formed out of the New Right, and associated with the Eureka Youth League.

Southern Cross Soldiers
Hooliganism is the main game here.

Rise Up Australia
A UKIP allied group and associated with ultra fundamentalist Christian groups. Nationalist and strongly racist.

Party for Freedom
Far right protectionists. Associated with Geert Wilders the Dutch Islamophobic politician.

Australian Liberty Alliance
Islamophobic group, also associated with Geert Wilders.

DEFCAN Defence Conservative Action Network
Right wing conservative group with extremist Christian views.

Australian Patriots Defence League
Racist and slanderous Islamophobic group.

Aussie Brotherhood
An Internet based Islamophobic Group.

United Australia Front
A small umbrella Internet group of Islamophobists.

Squadron 88
Sydney Neo-nazi group, predominantly anti Semitic.

A Perth based Islamophobic group.

Royal Australian Infidels
A small Islamophobic group.

National Republican Guard
A neo-nazi group modelled on British and German nationalist groups.

Southern Cross Hammerskins
A Neo-nazi skinhead group with foundational links to the U.S. Hammerskins group.

Citizens Electoral Council
Far right nationalists. Grew out of the Australian League of Rights in 1988. Had internal divisions in the 90s with the eruption of the LaRouche Movement.

Adelaide Institute
Intellectual revisionists who deny the Holocaust.

One Nation
Far right nationalist political group.

Australia First Party
Far right white nationalist party founded by Graeme Campbell in 1996. Noted for racial hate propaganda.

Patriotic Youth League
A small ultra nationalist group. On the verge of collapse and reinvented through the Eureka Youth League. Associated with the Volksfront and has a large Nazi element.

New Right/National Anarchists
An anti Semitic and racist youth oriented group founded by a German immigrant who was a former fascist activist.

Golden Dawn
Established in Greece in 1980. A fascist group noted for extremism and violence.

Stormfront Downunder
A white nationalist website, established by Don Black a leading US white supremacist.

Blood and Honour
A neo-nazi organisation.

A US based nazi skinhead group noted for violence.

Creativity Movement/World Church of the Creator
A US based white supremacist group with a strong Neo-nazi element.


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