A Global View: my bias and aspiration!

I must admit to an aspiration, I am looking for a global citizenry. I say aspiration because although I seek it, hope for it, pray for it, it may be many centuries (not-with-standing certain eschatologies) before we could begin to achieve that in non-political, religious, commercial ways. call me an idealist, but how wonderful it would be to wake up to a world without diminished tribalism and selfish individualism. Local identity is important in so much as we can have personal identity, transact culturally, build community etc., but if it becomes a tribalism we devolve to territorialism and become defensive and inwardly focussed. If we could look to a world community and be outwardly focussed I suspect we might just develop workable relationships fro all the key issues that affect every people group.

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One response to “A Global View: my bias and aspiration!

  1. The standard clichΓ© is “Think globally, act locally.” still seems to fit the bill. Why? The rich and elite also believe in this globalism, transculturalism, this cosmopolitanism; yet, they want to forget the local, the place where their businesses stain existence and force the many into poverty, exclusion, and desperation. This sense that global corporations and their minions can escape their home territories, taxation and regulations, is what breeds the arrogance and disregard we see around us.

    It’s great to want to reach out across cultural barriers, just remember that the poor and excluded live in one’s back yard and shouldn’t be forgotten in one’s idealist junker. Of course I’d throw out the Idealism altogether and keep a dialectical appraisal of what is failing…


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