Five Steps to the Nîmes Labyrinth


The Nîmes labyrinth is of the Cretan type although with a very special layout. The layout of the Cretan can be transformed in five steps to the Nîmes labyrinth. This is shown in the following illustrations. The figures on the left side show the starting point, whereas the right figures show the next step. In the right figures, the base situation is coloured in grey, the action in red and the result in black.

Ill. 1 shows the Cretan on a quadratic centered layout as the starting point (0). The center is somewhat enhanced; its height and width are 4 circuits wide. The reason for this is, that it enables us to bend all circuits 4 times by a quarter of a circle. By this, all opposite turns of the pathway are aligned along the axis and oriented vertically. (It is also possible to start with a rectangular layout with…

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